Episode 31 – It’s The Parliament of Rooks 31st Annual Halloween Special!

It’s a Halloween tradition as the Parliament hosts their star-studded extravaganza for the 31st year running!

Wait? Doesn’t that mean they starting creating these when they were twelve years old? Well, if it’s good enough for Sheldon Mayer…

And speaking of Mayer creations, ring the doorbell for a handful of Sweet-Tart Halloween treats with reviews of Sugar and Spike #’s 1, 25, 31, 43, 55, and 73!

It’s enough to make a grown man say, “Skxlplch Glop!”

Episode 30 – That Daring Young Man

Behold… the creation of Adams! Neal Adams, that is.

It’s a passing of the torch as the Parliament tells a generational tale of two golden boys – one from the Silver Age and one from the Bronze – pausing along the way to review two more chapters of Deadman’s hunt for the Hook from Strange Adventures #’s 206 and 207.

All this, plus more Bob Hopes than you can swing a guitar at. That is to say… just the one.

Episode 29 – …But the Show Must Go On

The Silver Age of DC Magic has just ended… our story begins one minute later.

Join the Parliament as they rise from the grave to review Strange Adventures #205, ushering in the Bronze Age alongside the aerial acrobat known as Deadman, a man who nightly pitted his very life against the fates… until he lost.

A moment of silence as Carmine Infantino raises his fist.