Episode 30 – That Daring Young Man

Behold… the creation of Adams! Neal Adams, that is.

It’s a passing of the torch as the Parliament tells a generational tale of two golden boys – one from the Silver Age and one from the Bronze – pausing along the way to review two more chapters of Deadman’s hunt for the Hook from Strange Adventures #’s 206 and 207.

All this, plus more Bob Hopes than you can swing a guitar at. That is to say… just the one.

Episode 29 – …But the Show Must Go On

The Silver Age of DC Magic has just ended… our story begins one minute later.

Join the Parliament as they rise from the grave to review Strange Adventures #205, ushering in the Bronze Age alongside the aerial acrobat known as Deadman, a man who nightly pitted his very life against the fates… until he lost.

A moment of silence as Carmine Infantino raises his fist.

Episode 28 – When the Carnival Is Over…

Is this the end of the Parliament?!?!

Listen in as we shed off our shiny silver outer coat and spin a summer long bronze age cocoon. Metaphoric and metamorphic… now that’s class.

So curl up in your Fox den and let the Schwartz be with you, and always remember – no matter what you believe:

Science says you’re wrong.”

Episode 27 – Will the Real Felix Faust Please Stand Up?

“I’m Felix Faust.”

“No, I am Felix Faust.”

“Ha! Little do you fools suspect that I am the real Felix Fau… I mean… no… it’s contestant number 2!”

The Parliament ban faces their toughest test yet – a true or false! – as they review Justice League of America #49, and rue the fact that they forgot to study the Big Book of Global Sprites. It’s the end of the end of the beginning, as the Silver Age draws to a close.

As Snapper Carr would say, “It’s the last!”

Episode 26 – Ven Monsters Is Loose, Boards Must Be Tight!

Leprechauns, monsters, and gnomes! Oh my!

The Parliament pays another visit to the increasingly crowded world of Stanley and His Monster, with reviews of The Fox and the Crow #’s 99, 100 and 101.

It’s the middle of the end of the beginning, continuing our Silver Age wind down. Trust us:

This one hits the thpot!

Episode 25 – Six Ways to Sunday

Sunrise, sunset… sun death!

Join the Parliament for some good old fashioned body-swapping fun as they take a ghost of a chance, then bid farewell to a prince of a man, reviewing Showcase #64 and House of Secrets #80.

It’s the beginning of the end of the beginning as we start to say goodnight, Irene…

…Vartanoff, that is.

Episode 24 – The Old Switcheroo

Which witch is which?

Don’t be bothered or bewildered… the Parliament will explain it all and – along the way – introduce you to DC’s own practitioner of the craft, The Enchantress, reviewing Strange Adventures #’s 187, 191 and 200.

What’s the Mather with Cotton, why are those Scottish sisters so weird, and just what in the name of Samantha Stevens is a Pyewacket? Whatever you’re wondering, this episode is sure to get you…

…and your little dog, too.

Episode 23 – Up, Up and a Weisinger!

Is it a bird? No!

Is it a plane? No!

What is it? It’s the Parliament… taking a nonsensical trip through the black magic plots of the Mort who would be king, with reviews of “The New Adventures of Superman” cartoon series from 1966, as well as World’s Finest Comics #160.

We’ve consulted the Zodiac, and your horoscope confirms it, you’re guaranteed to find this episode: “Mildly Entertaining!”

Episode 22 – When Worlds Didn’t Collide

Who is Gardner F. Fox and why is he saying these terrible things to me?

Fire up some sand grains and put those cyrotubers on ice, as the Parliament kicks off Memorial Day with a slangariffic Silver Age Spectre-acular, reviewing Justice League of America #’s 46 and 47.

Whether it’s a gesture of peace from a Dark Knight sans cowl, or some hearty glad-handing by a zombified friend of the people, this one won’t rest until the immortal question is answered of why we can’t all get along.

Like peace, man! Real peace!

Episode 21 – The Night Is Mine Again…

Get with it, Frampton… you ain’t seen nothin’ ’til you seen The Spectre come alive!

Join the Parliament on a grim journey through the ages with reviews of More Fun Comics #’s 54 and 75 and Showcase #61 as the revenant ghost of Jim Corrigan confronts not only the devil himself, but a threat far worse… the unholy humor of Percival Popp, the Super-Cop.

What does the foghorn say? Dig this offer, and you’ll find out, delivered straight to your cell.

I’m looking at you, Leonard Tirado of Saratoga Springs, NY.