Episode 39 – Thirteen Thrice, Three Times as Nice

It’s three, Three, THREE eps in one!

Read along as the parliament presents their very first done-in-one trade paperback review, cleverly combining episodes 13, 14, and 15 into a DC Digest Condensed presentation of Justice League of America: Zatanna’s Search.

Talking backward, backward talking, looking forward, and awkward looking (we’re talking about you, Warlock of Ys), it’s a walk down memory lane that still feels brand new.

And that’s how the trick is done!

Episode 15 – Looking Forward

Welcome (back?) to the Parliament of Rooks Podcast!

It’s the dramatic conclusion… and traumatic beginning… of Zatanna’s Search, with reviews of Justice League of America #51 and DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #5.

Join us as our backward-speaking heroine ends her tale with a flashback story to her backward-speaking father relating a flashback story, then begins it – 13 years later – with a flashback story to her backward-speaking father relating a flashback story.

All this plus the world’s longest sidebar… as an old hero gets a New Look!

Episode 14 – Backward Talking

Rooks of Parliament the to welcome!

It’s part two of the Parliament’s search for Zatanna’s missing father, with reviews of Green Lantern #42 and Detective Comics #355.

Black magic, red warlocks, blue flames and purple panties, this one is magically thaumaturgic.

As Snapper Carr would say, “Hey… I’m not in this episode!”

Episode Images Here!

Episode 13 – Talking Backward

Welcome to the Tnemailrap fo Skoor!

Join the Parliament as they take a backward journey with the Mistress of Magic, Zatanna, in her epic search for her missing father with reviews of Hawkman #4 and The Atom #19.

Along the way discover why girls who are hip don’t flip, what Tony Curtis does on his off-hours, and why quality art should have at least 85% sclera.

As Snapper Carr likely wouldn’t say, “S’ti eht tsom!

Episode Images Here!

Episode 12 – Looking Backward

When you gaze long into the navel, the navel will also gaze into thee.

Join us as Parliament takes a narrative breather to explore who they are and how they came to be. In doing so, they discover Stan Lee’s family issues, what the Blob truly represents, and whether or not tigers are allergic to bananas.

All this… plus the debut of Zatara from Action Comics #1.

Wow, Bob, wow!

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