Episode 45 – Of Monsters and Men

Joe Orlan-Doo… where are you?

Humor meets horror once again as the Parliament mixes teens and screams, reviewing Swing with Scooter #12 and the inaugural issue of Stanley and His Monster which, of course, is #109.

Smoke-breathing skeletons, Oksnerian good girls, early Christian Slater, and exactly what it takes to get Arnold Drake to remove his hat.


Episode 37 – You’re a Teen One, Mr. Ginch

…aaaaand a rook, in a pear treeeeee!

Egg up some nog and yule down a log, as the Parliament closes out the year in holiday style, reviewing a zany Bob Haney take on a Dickens classic in Teen Titans #13.

Guest appearances galore, as everyone from the Whos down in Whoville to that other fab foursome from across the pond drop by for some holiday cheer and a choice seat at the first annual parliamentary Christmas pageant.

And that, Stanley Dover, is what Christmas is all about!

Episode 28 – When the Carnival Is Over…

Is this the end of the Parliament?!?!

Listen in as we shed off our shiny silver outer coat and spin a summer long bronze age cocoon. Metaphoric and metamorphic… now that’s class.

So curl up in your Fox den and let the Schwartz be with you, and always remember – no matter what you believe:

Science says you’re wrong.”

Episode 26 – Ven Monsters Is Loose, Boards Must Be Tight!

Leprechauns, monsters, and gnomes! Oh my!

The Parliament pays another visit to the increasingly crowded world of Stanley and His Monster, with reviews of The Fox and the Crow #’s 99, 100 and 101.

It’s the middle of the end of the beginning, continuing our Silver Age wind down. Trust us:

This one hits the thpot!

Episode 18 – In Which We Do the Mash, We Do the Monster Mash

So, the Parliament was working in the lab late one night… and this is what we came up with?

Allow us to strap you in for a electrifying trip through Monster-Mania as we explore its Universal roots, its Shocking revival and its ignoble incorporation into the lives of Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope.

All this, plus a ghostly addition to the household of Stanley and his Monster with reviews of The Fox and the Crow #’s 97 and 98.

When you get to our door, tell them them Super-Hip sent you.

Episode 11 – Monsters Are Such Innn-teresting People

Where does a 1200 pound monster sleep? In a five year old boy’s room, of course!

Hide your ladders and butter your ties because it’s time for some parliamentary fun with Stanley and his Monster, as we review tales from The Fox and Crow #’s 95 and 96.

One of the best humor strips of the 1960s, we guarantee you’ll be laughing before you can say, “Massachusetts”… if you can say it at all, that is.

Oh, the pain, the pain!

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