Episode 28 – When the Carnival Is Over…

Is this the end of the Parliament?!?!

Listen in as we shed off our shiny silver outer coat and spin a summer long bronze age cocoon. Metaphoric and metamorphic… now that’s class.

So curl up in your Fox den and let the Schwartz be with you, and always remember – no matter what you believe:

Science says you’re wrong.”

Episode 22 – When Worlds Didn’t Collide

Who is Gardner F. Fox and why is he saying these terrible things to me?

Fire up some sand grains and put those cyrotubers on ice, as the Parliament kicks off Memorial Day with a slangariffic Silver Age Spectre-acular, reviewing Justice League of America #’s 46 and 47.

Whether it’s a gesture of peace from a Dark Knight sans cowl, or some hearty glad-handing by a zombified friend of the people, this one won’t rest until the immortal question is answered of why we can’t all get along.

Like peace, man! Real peace!

Episode 6 – Gotta Have Fate

All Fate… all the time!

Join the Parliament for an awesome adventure across the ages, reviewing the Silver Age reintroduction of Doctor Fate in Showcase #55, then dialing back the clock to his Golden Age debut in More Fun Comics #’s 55 and 56.

Along the way you’ll practice some Bayou zombie-talk with a marshland man-thing, witness the wonder wizard and the wonderful Wotan exchange energy-atoms, and – if you listen very closely – learn exactly what an eagle sounds like.

Yes, yes, Gardner Fox, we’re all very impressed with how polymathematical your attic is.

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