Episode 48 – It’s About Space

Oh… my… god, Becky… look at her butt!

Join the parliament for a bit more Legionnaire business as they review another story of the teenagers from the future written by a teenager from the past, with part two of the Mordru the Merciless saga from Adventure Comics #370.

A claustrophobic conjurer calls a kangaroo court against a mind-wiped farm boy, a chauvinistic brush-salesman, a girl in shower-proof body makeup, and a redheaded spitfire with the most repulsive bottom-half you’ve ever seen.

Trust us: when a girl walks in with a stripey little waist, and a pointy thing in your face… you get stung!

Episode 47 – It’s About Time

Look! Out on the lake! It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s… Mordru on a Jet Ski?

It’s a thousand years if it’s a day as the parliament is joined by Paul French of The Legion of Substitute Podcasters for a 31st century primer, then sets the controls for 1968 and a review of Adventure Comics #369.

Unrequited crushes on fictional bobby soxers, small town weirdness magnets, the world’s tallest Shooter, and the truth about why Mark Waid is inspired by girls in sewer pipes.

You won’t get that from any School-a-tron!