Episode 23 – Up, Up and a Weisinger!

Is it a bird? No!

Is it a plane? No!

What is it? It’s the Parliament… taking a nonsensical trip through the black magic plots of the Mort who would be king, with reviews of “The New Adventures of Superman” cartoon series from 1966, as well as World’s Finest Comics #160.

We’ve consulted the Zodiac, and your horoscope confirms it, you’re guaranteed to find this episode: “Mildly Entertaining!”

Episode 1 – Origins and Omens

Welcome to The Parliament of Rooks Podcast, a guide to all things supernatural in the DC universe.

Join your hosts Thomas and Melanie for this inaugural episode as they take a journey to “Magic Land,” diving deep into some Silver Age goodness as they review Justice League of America #2.

As Snapper Carr would say, “It’s the most!”

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