Episode 39 – Thirteen Thrice, Three Times as Nice

It’s three, Three, THREE eps in one!

Read along as the parliament presents their very first done-in-one trade paperback review, cleverly combining episodes 13, 14, and 15 into a DC Digest Condensed presentation of Justice League of America: Zatanna’s Search.

Talking backward, backward talking, looking forward, and awkward looking (we’re talking about you, Warlock of Ys), it’s a walk down memory lane that still feels brand new.

And that’s how the trick is done!

Episode 34 – As God Is My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly

All it’s gonna take is your complete cooperation… absolute secrecy… and twenty live turkeys.

Steal a drumstick and have a second helping of Brztalian Kulak, as the Parliament interrupts your regularly scheduled podcast to bring you a special holiday presentation, reviewing All-Star Comics #2 and JSA #54.

Whether you prefer Alan Light or the Dark Knight, this one is guaranteed to have more breast meat than any other Norman Rockwell homage. All this, plus Geoff Johns’s Dane Cook impression.

Oh, the humanity.

Episode 27 – Will the Real Felix Faust Please Stand Up?

“I’m Felix Faust.”

“No, I am Felix Faust.”

“Ha! Little do you fools suspect that I am the real Felix Fau… I mean… no… it’s contestant number 2!”

The Parliament ban faces their toughest test yet – a true or false! – as they review Justice League of America #49, and rue the fact that they forgot to study the Big Book of Global Sprites. It’s the end of the end of the beginning, as the Silver Age draws to a close.

As Snapper Carr would say, “It’s the last!”

Episode 22 – When Worlds Didn’t Collide

Who is Gardner F. Fox and why is he saying these terrible things to me?

Fire up some sand grains and put those cyrotubers on ice, as the Parliament kicks off Memorial Day with a slangariffic Silver Age Spectre-acular, reviewing Justice League of America #’s 46 and 47.

Whether it’s a gesture of peace from a Dark Knight sans cowl, or some hearty glad-handing by a zombified friend of the people, this one won’t rest until the immortal question is answered of why we can’t all get along.

Like peace, man! Real peace!

Episode 15 – Looking Forward

Welcome (back?) to the Parliament of Rooks Podcast!

It’s the dramatic conclusion… and traumatic beginning… of Zatanna’s Search, with reviews of Justice League of America #51 and DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #5.

Join us as our backward-speaking heroine ends her tale with a flashback story to her backward-speaking father relating a flashback story, then begins it – 13 years later – with a flashback story to her backward-speaking father relating a flashback story.

All this plus the world’s longest sidebar… as an old hero gets a New Look!

Episode 9 – T’under ’n Lightnin’

It’s a Crisis on Earth P!

Looks like the evil Parliament of a parallel world must have taken control… how else would you explain another Johnny Thunder episode?

Travel back in time (a few times actually) for a review of Justice League of America #’s 37 and 38, as we meet a thick-headed thunder thug, battle a shirtless Shrek, and fail to prevent the murder of Batman’s parents.

All this… plus a blatant attempt to get more feedback by staging a contest. Say, you… write in already!

Episode Images Here!

Episode 5 – The Old One-Two

The Golden Age Parliament? I thought they only existed in comic books!

Join Thomas and Melanie as they cross the vibrational barrier to Earth-2, reviewing Justice League of America #’s 21 and 22.

A modified Yul Brynner? A Felix falsetto? Seventy seven shy soldiers? By the time this story is over, you’ll be so confused you won’t know the difference between decay and rot… or will you?

Episode Images Here!

Episode 2 – The Fickle Finger of Faust

The Parliament reconvenes!

Join us as we travel to 1962 to review Justice League of America #’s 10 & 11 and, in doing so, discover the truth about Melanie’s unrequited love for the king of Atlantis, and why Thomas is haunted by a defunct amusement park.

If that doesn’t sound like a good time to you… well… Science says you’re wrong!

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Episode 1 – Origins and Omens

Welcome to The Parliament of Rooks Podcast, a guide to all things supernatural in the DC universe.

Join your hosts Thomas and Melanie for this inaugural episode as they take a journey to “Magic Land,” diving deep into some Silver Age goodness as they review Justice League of America #2.

As Snapper Carr would say, “It’s the most!”

Episode Images Here!