Episode 28 – When the Carnival Is Over…

Is this the end of the Parliament?!?!

Listen in as we shed off our shiny silver outer coat and spin a summer long bronze age cocoon. Metaphoric and metamorphic… now that’s class.

So curl up in your Fox den and let the Schwartz be with you, and always remember – no matter what you believe:

Science says you’re wrong.”

Episode 21 – The Night Is Mine Again…

Get with it, Frampton… you ain’t seen nothin’ ’til you seen The Spectre come alive!

Join the Parliament on a grim journey through the ages with reviews of More Fun Comics #’s 54 and 75 and Showcase #61 as the revenant ghost of Jim Corrigan confronts not only the devil himself, but a threat far worse… the unholy humor of Percival Popp, the Super-Cop.

What does the foghorn say? Dig this offer, and you’ll find out, delivered straight to your cell.

I’m looking at you, Leonard Tirado of Saratoga Springs, NY.

Episode 19 – He’s Heeeere!

Pssst… you there… closer… closer… BOO!

After about a ten episode tease, the Parliament finally meets the character that it took the combined efforts of Julius Schwartz, Alfred Harvey, Jules Feiffer, and little Michael Uslan to revive.

Lean in close to hear the whispered episode that Joe’s Podcast.com rated “More Spooky” with reviews of the Spectre’s Silver Age revival in Showcase #60 and his brutal Golden Age origin from More Fun Comics #’s 52 and 53.

Still not convinced? Well, get with it. No, seriously… get with it.