Episode 39 – Thirteen Thrice, Three Times as Nice

It’s three, Three, THREE eps in one!

Read along as the parliament presents their very first done-in-one trade paperback review, cleverly combining episodes 13, 14, and 15 into a DC Digest Condensed presentation of Justice League of America: Zatanna’s Search.

Talking backward, backward talking, looking forward, and awkward looking (we’re talking about you, Warlock of Ys), it’s a walk down memory lane that still feels brand new.

And that’s how the trick is done!

Episode 38 – You Better Run

Cross out all that do not apply:

A (doctor/monk/circus aerialist) is (falsely accused/given months to live/murdered) and must travel (to a foreign land/town to town/in the bodies of others) in his endless search for (a cure/his brother/the real killer).

Join the parliament as they explore the literary, cinematic, and broadcast influences on our favorite raging revenant, Boston Brand, ranging from Jean Valjean to Edd “Kookie” Byrnes with everything in between, including a review of Thomas’s very first Deadman story from Strange Adventures #210.

Don’t walk… run!

Episode 37 – You’re a Teen One, Mr. Ginch

…aaaaand a rook, in a pear treeeeee!

Egg up some nog and yule down a log, as the Parliament closes out the year in holiday style, reviewing a zany Bob Haney take on a Dickens classic in Teen Titans #13.

Guest appearances galore, as everyone from the Whos down in Whoville to that other fab foursome from across the pond drop by for some holiday cheer and a choice seat at the first annual parliamentary Christmas pageant.

And that, Stanley Dover, is what Christmas is all about!

Episode 36 – The Only 12¢ Now-Cast

A musical episode??? Well… at least it’s not a clip show.

Listen in as the parliament plays some of DC’s deep cuts into the mod music scene with an overview of Swing with Scooter, and reviews of both Teen Beat #1 and Teen Beam #2.

Whether you’re a vampiric Illya Kuryakin, a bare-bottomed circus boy, or the Master Mage Jimmy Page, trust us when we tell you that this episode still has enough magic to cast its spell over even the most terrif of Teenys.

It’s ginchy!

Episode 35 – When Worlds Did Collide

It’s parliamentary alchemy as silver melds with bronze to create podcast gold.

Join us for a spectre-acular transition through the ages as we provide an overview of both The Spectre #1 and The Brave and the Bold #75, then give a full-on review of The Spectre #2.

Learn about motorpool safety from Murphy Anderson, ionic air trails from Gardner Fox, the contents of Julius Schwartz’s pockets from Neal Adams, and TPOR podcast’s Facebook address from Thomas and Melanie.

All this… still for 3 cents less bronze!

Episode 34 – As God Is My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly

All it’s gonna take is your complete cooperation… absolute secrecy… and twenty live turkeys.

Steal a drumstick and have a second helping of Brztalian Kulak, as the Parliament interrupts your regularly scheduled podcast to bring you a special holiday presentation, reviewing All-Star Comics #2 and JSA #54.

Whether you prefer Alan Light or the Dark Knight, this one is guaranteed to have more breast meat than any other Norman Rockwell homage. All this, plus Geoff Johns’s Dane Cook impression.

Oh, the humanity.

Episode 33 – Like a Bird on the Wire

Ladies and Gentlemen, Teenies and Tinies! Come witness the world’s greatest aerialist… now that Boston Brand is gone.

The Parliament becomes a veritable aviary this week as they’re overrun by a host of eagles, sparrows, rooks, and drakes with reviews of Deadman’s ongoing hunt for the Hook in Strange Adventures #’s 208 and 209.

So put in your 12 cents, peel that sticker from your butt, and listen in to the greatest character little Marvin Wolfman has ever seen.

Now in full groovy color!

Episode 32 – Strange Interlude

Movies, not comics? Marvel, not DC?? Three voices, not two??? Something very strange is going on here…

Join the Parliament – and their Merry Marvel Mentor, Vanessa Valentine – as they delve into both the origins, and the cinematic adaptation, of the Sorcerer Supreme from across the street, Dr. Strange.

Shangri-La… immanentizing the eschaton… Tilda Swinton’s shapely head… this one has it all! Plus: the mysterious connection between messrs. Morrison, Huxley, Blake and Lee.

‘Nuff said?

Episode 31 – It’s The Parliament of Rooks 31st Annual Halloween Special!

It’s a Halloween tradition as the Parliament hosts their star-studded extravaganza for the 31st year running!

Wait? Doesn’t that mean they starting creating these when they were twelve years old? Well, if it’s good enough for Sheldon Mayer…

And speaking of Mayer creations, ring the doorbell for a handful of Sweet-Tart Halloween treats with reviews of Sugar and Spike #’s 1, 25, 31, 43, 55, and 73!

It’s enough to make a grown man say, “Skxlplch Glop!”

Episode 30 – That Daring Young Man

Behold… the creation of Adams! Neal Adams, that is.

It’s a passing of the torch as the Parliament tells a generational tale of two golden boys – one from the Silver Age and one from the Bronze – pausing along the way to review two more chapters of Deadman’s hunt for the Hook from Strange Adventures #’s 206 and 207.

All this, plus more Bob Hopes than you can swing a guitar at. That is to say… just the one.