Episode 45 – Of Monsters and Men

Joe Orlan-Doo… where are you?

Humor meets horror once again as the Parliament mixes teens and screams, reviewing Swing with Scooter #12 and the inaugural issue of Stanley and His Monster which, of course, is #109.

Smoke-breathing skeletons, Oksnerian good girls, early Christian Slater, and exactly what it takes to get Arnold Drake to remove his hat.


Episode 44 – Have I Got a Story for You!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

It’s story time with the Parliament as we roll out the Peril, reviewing tales from three different ages with Comic Cavalcade #22, Sensation Comics #107, and The Unexpected #106.

Hitchhiking ghost kids, boomin’ ice queens, floating Johnny heads, and more lying lies than a liar can lie about.

Believe it… or not!

Episode 43 – South of the Border

¡Esta aqui, Esteban, mira!

Es hora de que el Parlamento Mexicano, as we tear down the wall between Boston and Cleveland (and possibly El Paso) to give you a veritable Deadman’s Chest of reviews, covering both Strange Adventures #’s 211 and 212.

Whether your preference is a touch of evil, or a liberal amount of Neal Adams, this one is guaranteed to straddle that border.

To sum up in a single word: Strategery.