Episode 37 – You’re a Teen One, Mr. Ginch

…aaaaand a rook, in a pear treeeeee!

Egg up some nog and yule down a log, as the Parliament closes out the year in holiday style, reviewing a zany Bob Haney take on a Dickens classic in Teen Titans #13.

Guest appearances galore, as everyone from the Whos down in Whoville to that other fab foursome from across the pond drop by for some holiday cheer and a choice seat at the first annual parliamentary Christmas pageant.

And that, Stanley Dover, is what Christmas is all about!

Episode 36 – The Only 12¢ Now-Cast

A musical episode??? Well… at least it’s not a clip show.

Listen in as the parliament plays some of DC’s deep cuts into the mod music scene with an overview of Swing with Scooter, and reviews of both Teen Beat #1 and Teen Beam #2.

Whether you’re a vampiric Illya Kuryakin, a bare-bottomed circus boy, or the Master Mage Jimmy Page, trust us when we tell you that this episode still has enough magic to cast its spell over even the most terrif of Teenys.

It’s ginchy!

Episode 35 – When Worlds Did Collide

It’s parliamentary alchemy as silver melds with bronze to create podcast gold.

Join us for a spectre-acular transition through the ages as we provide an overview of both The Spectre #1 and The Brave and the Bold #75, then give a full-on review of The Spectre #2.

Learn about motorpool safety from Murphy Anderson, ionic air trails from Gardner Fox, the contents of Julius Schwartz’s pockets from Neal Adams, and TPOR podcast’s Facebook address from Thomas and Melanie.

All this… still for 3 cents less bronze!