Episode 17 – Cringes on Earth-B!

Rooks will live… rooks will die… and the Bob Haney-verse will never be the same (like… literally… even from issue to issue.)

It’s part two of the Parliamentary spotlight on Batmania ’66 with audio commentary on the Batman TV show episode, “A Death Worse than Fate,” followed by a descent into some zany Haney discontinuity with a review of The Brave and the Bold #64.

Need we say more? No, but we will…

“It’s the most!”

Episode 16 – What’s This?!

A podcasting Parliament? Commentary on campy conjuration? A huge heap of Haney hogwash?

It’s a pop art Day-Glo trip back to the nascent days of 1966 with reviews of House of Secrets #76 and an audio commentary for the Batman TV show episode, “Zelda the Great”.

Can’t stand a cliffhanger? Be sure to tune in next time for the exciting conclusion:

Same Rook-time! Same Rook-channel!

Episode 15 – Looking Forward

Welcome (back?) to the Parliament of Rooks Podcast!

It’s the dramatic conclusion… and traumatic beginning… of Zatanna’s Search, with reviews of Justice League of America #51 and DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #5.

Join us as our backward-speaking heroine ends her tale with a flashback story to her backward-speaking father relating a flashback story, then begins it – 13 years later – with a flashback story to her backward-speaking father relating a flashback story.

All this plus the world’s longest sidebar… as an old hero gets a New Look!

Episode 14 – Backward Talking

Rooks of Parliament the to welcome!

It’s part two of the Parliament’s search for Zatanna’s missing father, with reviews of Green Lantern #42 and Detective Comics #355.

Black magic, red warlocks, blue flames and purple panties, this one is magically thaumaturgic.

As Snapper Carr would say, “Hey… I’m not in this episode!”

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