Episode 13 – Talking Backward

Welcome to the Tnemailrap fo Skoor!

Join the Parliament as they take a backward journey with the Mistress of Magic, Zatanna, in her epic search for her missing father with reviews of Hawkman #4 and The Atom #19.

Along the way discover why girls who are hip don’t flip, what Tony Curtis does on his off-hours, and why quality art should have at least 85% sclera.

As Snapper Carr likely wouldn’t say, “S’ti eht tsom!

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Episode 12 – Looking Backward

When you gaze long into the navel, the navel will also gaze into thee.

Join us as Parliament takes a narrative breather to explore who they are and how they came to be. In doing so, they discover Stan Lee’s family issues, what the Blob truly represents, and whether or not tigers are allergic to bananas.

All this… plus the debut of Zatara from Action Comics #1.

Wow, Bob, wow!

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Episode 11 – Monsters Are Such Innn-teresting People

Where does a 1200 pound monster sleep? In a five year old boy’s room, of course!

Hide your ladders and butter your ties because it’s time for some parliamentary fun with Stanley and his Monster, as we review tales from The Fox and Crow #’s 95 and 96.

One of the best humor strips of the 1960s, we guarantee you’ll be laughing before you can say, “Massachusetts”… if you can say it at all, that is.

Oh, the pain, the pain!

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