Episode 5 – The Old One-Two

The Golden Age Parliament? I thought they only existed in comic books!

Join Thomas and Melanie as they cross the vibrational barrier to Earth-2, reviewing Justice League of America #’s 21 and 22.

A modified Yul Brynner? A Felix falsetto? Seventy seven shy soldiers? By the time this story is over, you’ll be so confused you won’t know the difference between decay and rot… or will you?

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Episode 4 – Ch Ch Ch… ah ah ah… anges!

All settled in? You shouldn’t be.

The Parliament goes topsy-turvy (and slightly Twittery), reviewing House of Secrets #’s 60 and 61, as up is down, black is white, Mark Merlin is a cat, and Eclipso is an inside joke.

What do you think? Come on kids, tell us: You want more purple? We got purple.

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Episode 3 – Mysto, Mark Merlin… and Much, Much More

Great Guns!

Thomas and Melanie call another session of the Parliament, reviewing Detective Comics #203 and House of Secrets #’s 23 and 58, as they mull the mysterious menaces meeting mystery-men Mysto and Mark Merlin.

Moreover… mmmmmm… Mort Meskin!

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Episode 2 – The Fickle Finger of Faust

The Parliament reconvenes!

Join us as we travel to 1962 to review Justice League of America #’s 10 & 11 and, in doing so, discover the truth about Melanie’s unrequited love for the king of Atlantis, and why Thomas is haunted by a defunct amusement park.

If that doesn’t sound like a good time to you… well… Science says you’re wrong!

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Episode 1 – Origins and Omens

Welcome to The Parliament of Rooks Podcast, a guide to all things supernatural in the DC universe.

Join your hosts Thomas and Melanie for this inaugural episode as they take a journey to “Magic Land,” diving deep into some Silver Age goodness as they review Justice League of America #2.

As Snapper Carr would say, “It’s the most!”

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